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Thread: ellipse

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    Talking ellipse

    Please can the developers make ellipes's more user friendly. we want to be able select the lines and create objects from them like roofs wall and the like

    yes and stairs too!
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    Default Re: ellipse

    Please don't forget stairs!
    Also the ability to create different types of ellipses.

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    Default Re: ellipse

    Glen, I've added a poll to this thread so we can gauge the community's desire for more usable ellipses.

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    Short of something similar to the PELLIPSE command we have used in ADT or a body modifier for a true elliptical wall (also ADT), I suggest including snap point options on the perimeter and foci of basic lines. With this ability, even if I must create the objects with work-arounds approximating the geometry of a true ellipse, I could create a structural grid and dimension accurately so it was built correctly.

    For reference, you may wish to look at the model created by GASAI with the new structural package featured on the Autodesk site. The design was established originally by our firm so GASAI had the geometry from an AutoCAD foundation from which to generate the orthogonal structure. If we were beginning the building (and another medical clinic with a similar geometry we have completed) in Revit, it would be a lot of calculating and approximating and resurrecting high school and college calculus skills. Or perhaps the design would not have happened at all because of software limitations?!?

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