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Thread: Lookup Table Display Issue

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    Exclamation Lookup Table Display Issue

    Hello, I'm having issues displaying my lookup designation within my border text attribute. I have a drawing border set with text attributes for revision purposes and I would like to preset border text for users to save time and clerical errors. It seems as if I have set the lookup parameter and action properly, but when I select the lookup triangle and select the desired text from the lookup table, nothing displays in my border. Can you please assist on what step I am missing to get the lookup table designation to display in the border attribute? I have added print screens below to assist with the explanation of what's going on.
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    Default Re: Lookup Table Display Issue

    It's a little quirky. When defining field for the default value of the attribute, it should look something like this. The default content should show LOOKUPSTRING. Don't re-edit the value after setting it up or it won't work. It will revert to showing LOOKUP# and fail. In that instance you'll need to clear the value completely and reset it. Also, after setting it up right it may not function in the current instance of the block in the drawing. Delete the block and reinsert it. The values should then display after a regen.

    Lookup string.png

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