Summary: Better control of tread position relative to stringers

Description: Currently, the system family of stairs are able to set the position of the treads relative to the stringers, but this dimension is an architecturally-derived dim from the bottom of tread to the bottom of stringer - I assume this is done so that the treads, when seen from below, are at an esthetically pleasing position, and/or do not stick below the stringer. However, most structural engineering standards set a dimension offset from the top of stringer to the nosing of the treads. Our office, and at all the other structural engineering firms I have worked for or with, expect this dim to be consistent, usually 1", measured perpendicular. When this dim is set to the bottom, you have to mess around with it for an unfavorable amount of time to get it to work out, and save that as it's own version, because if the next set of stairs is not at exactly the same slope, this will be thrown off, as it is a type setting. Very annoying that this is set up the opposite way that we need it, and that it is not editable as a system family, and set to type! We wish that Autodesk could send us a modified family that has this setting changed. Thanks!

Product and Feature: Revit Structure - Stairs

Submitted By: Bart47 on 12/03/2020