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Thread: Naming convention for views...

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    Question Naming convention for views...

    I'm quite new to Revit. I'm working on setting the standards for our firm. I wondered how anyone using this marvelous program for long now and within a quit big company (20 users here) would set the naming convention for the views (plans elevations, section...).

    This should be used, I guess with the ability to sort the tree view in anyway.

    Do you use one view per drawing or do you use a 'working view' to keep the drawing view the way they should be drawn? This should avoid to forget to change back the view settings before to print...

    Any idea is welcome.

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    Default Re: Naming convention for views...

    We'll have several plans from one level.

    A-LV01 might be the first floor plan.
    A-LV01.E might be the east wing of the first floor plan.
    EP-LV01.A might be an enlarged plan from the first floor plan.
    C-LV01 might be the architectural site plan.
    S-LV01 - Arch/Structural coordination plan.
    WK-LV01 a work plan that is not printed.
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    Default Re: Naming convention for views...

    I name it what it is and what I want it labeled on the sheet, most of the time. Ie First Floor Plan, First Floor - Enlarged East, etc. Callout of First Floor... With browser organization you can set up custom ways to view the views. For files I need to export I give them a name like A-FP01, etc.
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