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Thread: Civil 3D - Description Key Set

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    Default Civil 3D - Description Key Set

    Over time I have revised my Civil 3D Description Key Set and it has become large. Is it possible to import the revised Civil 3D Description Key Set from my last drawing into my latest drawing?

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    Default Re: Civil 3D - Description Key Set

    Yes. There are a few ways to do that.

    You could open your source and target drawings. With the Target drawing current, you could display the Settings tab of the Toolspace palette. From here you may need to adjust the view of Settings to the Master View. This will allow you to see multiple drawings. Once the additional open drawings are shown, find your source drawing in the list and expand the drawing listing to display the Points branch. In the Description Key Sets branch, you can drag and drop the desired set to the target drawing area. A dialog may display regarding duplicate items. You will need to decide on whether to overwrite any duplicate items.

    Another way would be the ImportStylesAndSettings command. This can be found on the Manage Ribbon in the Styles section or you can type that command at the command prompt. Again, you will want your target drawing open first and I think saved before proceeding. Once the command is started, you will be prompted for a source file. The next dialog will prompt for the items to import. The buttons across the top of the dialog will allow you to check/uncheck multiple items at a time.

    Hope that helps.
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