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Thread: Filter type and Filter data is not working

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    Default Filter type and Filter data is not working


    I want to select only Lines but filter type and data is not working. it says invalid filter type

    setColl = AcadDoc.SelectionSets
            For Each objSSet1 In setColl
                If objSSet1.Name = setName Then
                    Exit For
                End If
            objSSet1 = AcadDoc.SelectionSets.Add(setName)
            'End With
            Dim FilterType(0) As Integer
            Dim FilterData(0) As Object
            FilterType(0) = 0
            FilterData(0) = "Line"
            objSSet1.SelectOnScreen(FilterType, FilterData)
    Can any one help me.
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    Default Re: Filter type and Filter data is not working

    Here's a C# example of how to do it using the managed api. Note that the SelectAll method accepts a single array.
                // Get a selection set of ents whose color is not ByLayer.
                TypedValue[] tvls = new TypedValue[2];
                tvls.SetValue(new TypedValue((int)DxfCode.Operator, "!="), 0);
                tvls.SetValue(new TypedValue((int)DxfCode.Color, 256), 1); //Color 0 = ByLayer
                SelectionFilter sf = new SelectionFilter(tvls);
                PromptSelectionResult PSR = Active.Editor.SelectAll(sf);
    If you still want to use the COM method, the example in this Help topic filters for a circle. Note that the Select method takes variant arrays, so you have to assign your filter data to variant arrays first before trying to use it in the Filter argument.

    BTW, to put your code in a CODE window, click on the Go Advanced button, then select the # button to insert CODE tags.
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