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Thread: .NET API - Give BaselineRegions a GUID

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    Summary: Give BaselineRegions a GUID so we don't have to rely on matching either the name and/or start/end stations, as these can be changed by the user.

    Description: Give the BaselineRegions class a baselineRegionGUID property, similar to the baselineGUID property on the Baseline class.

    We are trying to "re-link" some records in an external database with the solids extracted from a corridor. At the moment, we have to rely on either the name of the region and/or its start/end stations as these are the only properties available in the API. The user could have changed either of these, but we still want to re-link to that corridor. A GUID or other similar kind of ID that is persisant to the life of that region would be very beneficial

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - API

    Submitted By: jh_dempsey on 01/13/2021

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    Default Re: .NET API - Give BaselineRegions a GUID

    I don't have C3D, but all objects should inherit from System.Object and have an ObjectID property.
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