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Thread: Plant 3D Adding Blind Flanges to Catalog

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    Default Plant 3D Adding Blind Flanges to Catalog

    Hi everyone,
    I just got a contract to create a spec for a small project. I am new to using Plant 3D, but have been an AutoPLANT Admin for 17 years. I created a project specific catalog, using the OTB catalog as a template. I have most of the catalog finished from their paper spec. Except I am having issues with adding Blind Flanges. The blind flanges I am suppose to add have a raised face, but the blind flanges in the OTB catalogs only have a flat face. So I am unable to enter all of the dimensions required, as it is only asking for thickness and diameter. the project is ok with having the incorrect ISO graphic, but they do need the correct dimensions. I did try to duplicate a weldneck flange, then change all of the dimensions and other data to match the blind flanges. Doing it this way it has two connection ports, instead of the one port a blind flange has. It also gives the current port has Port 2, not the Port 1 it is suppose to be. It also adds it to the Flange list in the spec, instead of the blind flange list. I have no idea how to change these fields as they are read only in the catalog editor. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this? Or a location where I can download a catalog that would contain this?

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    Default Re: Plant 3D Adding Blind Flanges to Catalog

    Most companies do not require that they actually see the raised face on a blind flange, as long as the description/data, overall dimensions and connections are correct. The "D" (outside diameter) and "L" (thickness including the face thickness) dimensions in the catalog are usually all that is required.
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