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Thread: Pipe Network - Inverts Along a Pipe

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    Summary: Inquiry and/or Labels to identify the invert and top of pipe elevations at any given point along pipes in a pipe network

    Description: I would like to see a an inquiry tool with the capability of identifying the invert elevation of a pipe anywhere along the pipe while in model space. I would be great to add labels that will do the same, With this capability design of pipes crossing each other will be easier particularly if they are not crossing right at an alignment where this info could be determined in profile, plus it would be quicker than having to created a profile.
    Even better - if the inquiry tool or labels could also give you the top of pipe elevation at point of inquiry.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Pipe Network

    Submitted By: k.mace on 02/18/2021

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    Would the Interference Check tool help automate displaying the issue? There is also the Object Viewer tool to allow one to view the conflicting pipes in isolation and also allows quicker 3d orbiting around the parts.
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    Inquiry and Labeling -- both would be useful for locating inverts, top of pipe/bottom of pipe at arbitrary points along a pipe. Should apply to both gravity and pressure systems

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    I am looking for this functionality as well. For displaying the invert anywhere along a pipe, I found the free version of the tool "QuuxPipeElevationEditor" in the Autodesk App Store HAD that functionality. Unfortunately, the latest version puts it behind a pay wall. I found that out the hard way. It is now part of the Sincpac Power module. It functions almost identically to the Insert Elevation Point tool for working with Feature Lines.

    I am amazed that C3D does not have that functionality built-in because, like I said, they already have it for Feature Lines. I am looking into the programming required to build that myself. For now, if you draw a feature line over top of your pipe in plan view and use the start/end inverts, you can then use the Insert Elevation Point tool to dynamically read elevations along the pipe. It's a bit crude, but does work and doesn't require a profile.

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