Summary: Assign a discipline to a linked in Revit Model without having to open every view it shows up in and apply a override. Granted, I can speed it up using View Templates, but I'd rather just say that the Link should always show as Architectural, Structural, Coordination, etc..

Description: Current process is that we create our structural model. Link in the Arch model and other consultants. By default all our views are set to Structural as I believe they should be. However, now in every view I go into, the links are also set to show as Structural. Unless I open Visibility/Graphics and set an override to show in that view as Architectural, Coordination, etc.. So I can create view templates (which I have many), but that means in all my view templates I have to apply that override. It would make life so much easier, if I could select a link, and in the Properties of that link, I could say Edit Type (same place you can set your Phase Mapping) and say Architectural, or Coordination etc.. And then from that point on in every view including new views, etc, the links would always show by default to whatever the property is set to. Thank you.

Product and Feature: Revit Structure - Other

Submitted By: DarekW on 02/25/2021