Hi, we received IFC exported from Revit files. It is not possible to obtain the original Revit file. We need to use these IFC files in Navisworks and in Revit, so I first opened the IFC in Revit creating a new Revit files, then exported to NWC using the Navisworks Exporter Addin, and finally attached to a new NWF file. As a quality check, I also imported the IFC files into Navisworks directly, which created a different set of NWC files.

I've encountered 2 problems:
- the IFC » RVT » NWC file has some extra elements showing compared to the IFC » NWC file. I'm not expert about how Revit IFC export works, but I assume that directly opening the IFC in Navisworks will show the Revit 3D view that has been originally exported, while opening the IFC in Revit and then exporting a new NWC will export the new Revit 3D view (with no filters, phases, ...)

- more important, the 2 NWC have slightly different coordinates. In Navisworks, both has the same X Y coordinates, while the Z coordinate and the rotation are different: rotation is 0 for the IFC » RVT » NWC file (which has been exported per shared coordinates), while Zs are both different from 0. Is this a normal behaviour? Which set of coordinates is the right one?