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Thread: Workstation Requirements

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    Default Workstation Requirements

    I wanted to get some feedback on what everyone feels is a minimum requirements for a workstation using AutoArch & Revit software. Processor? Ram? Hard Drive? & Video card? So far what I could see Best Processor one can afford, 32 GB of Ram, Solid State hard drive and 4gb Video card. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Workstation Requirements

    'Best Processor' is not meaningful. Do you need multiple core/multi threading, or single threaded speed? What do your primary programs utilize effectively? Error correcting RAM? SSD is kinda loose too == SATA or NVME?

    Chassis format/size? Expansion capability? ports/connections needed?

    Good video cards are hard to come by at the moment, crypto miners are grabbing them up faster than they are being shipped.

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