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Thread: Natural Language

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    Default Natural Language

    Any ideas for Natural Language for autolisp?

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    Default Re: Natural Language

    Had a Google. I think what your getting at is the way the code is layed out, I am guilty of line after line no indentation. But then there is the problem of coders using the tab for indentation and code just disappears off to the right making it almost unreadable. The other one I find annoying sometimes is often in VL code 1 line per property then your trying to workout where a vl sub command ends the last line being )))))))

    I like 2 spaces for indentation.

    If this is not what you meant just ignore

    PS in development since 1980.

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    Default Re: Natural Language

    I have written Visual LISP without the Russian. So
    (vlax-put objItem "color" 1)
    (colorput objItem 1)

    But the objItem could be handle, objectid, entitylist, ename, entityselection, vla-object

    I have lisp rewrite itself.

    It also has built in error trapping so if an argument causes and error it just returns nil instead of crashing the program.

    It is like on error resume next or try catch in


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