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Thread: Operate a 3D model using a "dynamic block" as a dummy

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    Default Operate a 3D model using a "dynamic block" as a dummy

      ①  ダイナミックブロックの平面操作をダミーとし 複雑な立体モデルを
    1   A complicated three-dimensional model with the plane operation of the "dynamic block" as a dummy
       Can be placed at the operation position.

      ②  添付の様にUCSを操作して垂直面を操作面とすることができる。
      2 As shown in the attachment, the "UCS" can be operated and the vertical surface can be used as the
    operation surface.   
         以下の作業で外部参照したモデルと操作を終えたモデルを比較した添付写真 「右に表示する」  
         Attached photo comparing the model that was externally referenced in the following work and the model
    that finished the operation
    "Display on the right"
         I want you to feel the operation with the inclination of "VIEWCUBE".
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