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Thread: Setting 24x15 custom size for Plotting AutoCAD dwg on HP DJ T100 Printer

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    Default Setting 24x15 custom size for Plotting AutoCAD dwg on HP DJ T100 Printer

    I have contacted HP Support but have not had a reply, thought maybe someone may have some insight here.
    I'm trying to do a custom setup for plotting AutoCAD drawings on an HP DesignJet T100 printer. The max width of the printer is 24" yet when I enter 24" as the width and 15" as the height a yellow error appears and says the height must be higher than the width. Entering as 15" width by 24" height brings up the attached result. This is printed in landscape, portrait prints half this size. Have tried adjusting settings in AutoCAD plotter config as well with no change. Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks
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