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Thread: Custom Plot Size not appearing for Epson SC-T3000

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    Default Custom Plot Size not appearing for Epson SC-T3000

    I am setting two new workstations with AutoCAD LT using an Epson T3000 for plotting. Selecting Plot and then Properties, I go to Custom Properties which calls up the settings for the T3000, then under Size Settings add the Custom Paper Sizes. Clicking OK and OK saves the new PC3 file. When I go back to Properties again the new Size does not appear, however going back into Custom Properties and the T3000 settings it does appear. Have tried a couple of the suggested fixes found on the Forum but no changes. FYI, using the same steps I was able to create some custom sizes on another workstation a few weeks ago.

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    Default Re: Custom Plot Size not appearing for Epson SC-T3000

    Are the PC3 files located in the folder assigned in your configuration for Printer Configuration Search Path? And the associated PMP files would reside in the Printer Description File Search Path.
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