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Thread: Edit alignment geometry

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    Default Edit alignment geometry

    For years I have created an alignment from polyline. There have been a couple of times when after extensive corridor and assembly work was done that the alignment needed to have multiple radii deleted and/or added. When going to edit the curve geometry in the editor it appears that the curve Tangency Constraint and Parameter Constraint vary widely.

    Is there a way to delete a PVI in an alignment when a curve has already been established?

    I really have multiple questions from wrestling with this scenario so I am wondering if someone could point me to the best "Edit Alignment Geometry" video/link they know of?

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    Default Re: Edit alignment geometry


    There are a couple of places to consider
    First on your Settings Tab look at the command settings for
    Create Alignment from Entities

    Second when editing an alignment take note of the Select Sub-entity, and Delete Su-entity options
    on the tool bar. These will help select and remove the entities that may be the source of geometry constraints
    that interfere with your new alignment geometryAlignment_Toolbar.PNG

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