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Thread: Add text to structure tables

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    Default Add text to structure tables

    I'm doing work on military bases, a lot of renovation and adding new facilities/buildings into built up areas, which means connecting to existing utilities.

    In particular for sanitary and storm drain systems. The current crop of reviewers are requiring that the structure labels and tables explicitly label new incoming pipes as NEW, and the others as ABANDON, FILL, etc. Other than manually adding text on top of the dynamic pipe & structure tables, does anyone have a method that can help automate that? and minimize the probability of error creeping in?
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    Default Re: Add text to structure tables

    Are you currently using the Description property of the pipes in your labeling? Other than that, I cannot see a property that would be usable within the label or table styles to accomplish this.

    The Description property for structures and pipes is modifiable with AutoLISP.
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    Default Re: Add text to structure tables

    I want to ask, how to add box in civil3d in the right station? Thank you.

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