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I have already checked any useful answer from any similar topic but I can't find the solution to my answer unfortunately.

The problem is that the family I have created works perfectly when I type the diameter size but when uploaded into any Revit project it doesn't change at all when I type a different pipe Diameter parameter. I expect both pipe and reducing bush to have the same digited Diameter size if you know what I mean?

1. I have created a reducing bush family in Revit 2019. Generic model template. Pipe fitting.

2. I have imported a csv file table to look up at.

3. Any created parameter (which refer to a manufacturer catalouge Reducing bush) is under pipe discipline - pipe size.

5. I made sure the .ini file is in the right local drive folder and that the "lookup Table..." row in the .ini file point to the right folder where the .csv file is.

6. I don't understand whether or not the parameter "Diameter" is the one which, once the family is uploaded in any new revit project, Revit considers as the one which make any pipe and fitting size changing accordingly? If so, is this an automatic process or should I set anything?

Any question please ask. Thank you.