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Thread: iLogic change colour depending on the value of a parameter

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    Default iLogic change colour depending on the value of a parameter

    Hi, I am designing a large tank as a part that will have about 112 features that will change colour depending on the value of a parameter.

    Below is the code I have working at the moment

    The tank will be covered in colored dots that will represent the wall thickness measure for and existing site tank

    The finished model will look a bit like a heat map showing the thinner areas of the tank.

    When the (wall thickness) parameters change over time the colors of the features will change to reflect the level of corrosion.

    The parameter will be updated manually when the model is revised.

    There will be about 56 parameters and 112 model features, and I was looking for some help in the best way to manage the size of the code without it becoming to huge to manage

    Parameters would be something like

    A0 = 4.6mm
    A1 = 4.9mm

    etc etc

    If (A0 < 3.1) Then
    Feature.Color("A0") = ("Red")
    End If
    If (A0 > 3.1 And A0 <6) Then
    Feature.Color("A0") = ("Orange")
    End If
    If (A0 > 6) Then
    Feature.Color("A0") = ("Green")
    End If
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a weak coder, but I got this to work. Would love to get it in a concise format for the full 56 parameters.

    Thanks in advance
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