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Thread: Plotting issue

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    Question Plotting issue

    I am working in LT with an xref created in Civil 3D. The text is annotative in the Civil 3D program and is set to the correct scale. On my monitor when viewing the sheet file (in paper space) the text appears correct. When plotted the text is too small in the actual plot (large format Canon ink jet plotter). My coworker who created the Civil 3D xref, claims he got something that fixed the issue when he plots, but he can't remember how he did it. When he plots the drawing there is no issue with the annotative text size.
    I am hoping there is a CAD setting that will correct this. It does not appear to be a plotter issue.

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    Default Re: Plotting issue

    Is the viewport in your file set to the same scale as the Civil 3d drawing SETTINGS?

    Otherwise when the viewport is regenerated during plotting the Civil 3D object labels will resize

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