Hello dear community,

I am contacting you today because I am stuck with two problems. I look after an educational institution and its computer training room. AutoCAD 2009 has recently been trained there as well. The computers are new (Athlon X2 7750, Radeon HD 2400, 2 GB RAM) and work in normal operation as well as with any stability tests (Memtest86, Prime95, etc.) without any problems for hours without errors.

The Radeon HD 2400 was chosen because it is on the list of "recommended" graphics cards for AutoCAD 2009. As a driver, the Catalyst 8.11 was installed, because this is synonymous for those graphics card as recommended in the hardware support list. In AutoCAD's Performance Settings, the last update for the graphics card was made and Manual Settings was then set to default.

In principle, AutoCAD also works, but I have two problems:

1. Occasionally, individual PCs switch off completely unreproducibly and can only be restarted after the power plug has been pulled! At first I suspected the overheat protection, but the shutdown happens exclusively under AutoCAD. Using every other method CPU and GPU to full capacity let the PC go through without a grunt.

2. The tooltip mouse over in the program works initially, but after some time (half an hour?) Not more.

Now that I have invested hours for troubleshooting and can not get any further: if anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful.