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Thread: Input Value to Move Sketch Geometry

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    Summary: Similar to AutoCAD, Inventor should be able to input a value to move sketch geometry orthogonally.

    Description: If existing geometry doesn't contain a point at which to drop the desired geometry you wish to move you have to create reference geometry to create a point in which to move to. Inventor should inherit this ability from AutoCAD as a huge time saver and increase inefficiency for users.

    Product and Feature: Inventor - Sketching

    Submitted By: rrider796667 on 07/06/2021

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    If I understand your wish, you should be able to to this by checking the Precise Input checkbox and the Inventor Precise Input toolbar will appear. Then you can enter a value in the X input box and the selection will move orthogonally in the X axis.2021-07-06_10-27-48.png
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