Summary: To be able to move the symbol with a little more flexibility including a user defined position in plan view.

Description: The current brace frame symbols have very limited flexibility when it comes to showing them in plan view. Currently one must go to the structural settings, make sure the appropriate check box is selected (show brace above and show brace below), and set the offset distance which then gets multiplied by the scale to show up in the "model space". This current set up requires monitoring between projects since the offset distance is based on the scale and not how it would appear once the plan view has been place on sheet, which will be different at different scales either in the same project or in different projects. I'd like to see some options for making the adjustments in the properties dialog box. Making the offset as an "instance parameter" would allow one to locate the symbol in plan view that would allow the user to locate it where it would be readable, allowing the user to continue to meet their firms standards when it comes to the construction documents. Also would be nice if a label could be added for tagging the brace with a user defined parameter.

Product and Feature: Revit Structure - Annotation Tools

Submitted By: kROSEMAN on 07/07/2021