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Thread: WDYD?-1: Naming Suggestions for Annotative Styles

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    Question WDYD?-1: Naming Suggestions for Annotative Styles

    What do you do?

    Ideas for naming conventions assigned to annotative styles for all annotation (text, dimensions) are appreciated?

    1:1 text heights in decimal units (inch-based) will have the height value appended to the text style. For values less than one as are all of them so far, I substitute a small letter 'p' for the decimal point '.' ---- ex.: p125, p25, etc.

    How about you?

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    Default Re: WDYD?-1: Naming Suggestions for Annotative Styles

    Font Name. eg Arial, Arial Narrow, etc. Heights are standardized to USACE, and fonts used are all TTF, so no need here for height-assigned styles.

    Former life -- we used Leroy equivalents. and named Styles L100, L120, L180 etc. using Romans shx font,
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