Summary: I would like to see AutoCAD like fields in text for Revit. I work with these so much that if they are not integrated into Revit in some form I will never be able to move away from AutoCAD. That simple.

Description: In my day to day work flow I do a fair amount of manual annotation in AutoCAD, One of the biggest features I use is the fields feature in block text and attributes. This can be anything from doing math calculations for converting one unit to another so that if the main measurement changes in imperial the metric version also changes. I am not talking about dimensions. I mean things like fixture sizes which need to be shown in both units or temperature in F and C. I have found doing textual notes in Revit to be very difficult and even daunting at times. That forces me to extract/export objects to AutoCAD and do my documentation that way submitting dwg or embedded dwg in Revit.

Also, there are many custom platforms I have seen for use as file managers, library managers and even project management that makes heavy use of pulling data from attributes and fields. My company has invested several hundred thousands if not millions of dollars for our global in house solution. If the fields are not available in Revit it is already hindering our adoption of the software.

Personally I think AutoCAD's ability to manage text and fields should be part of a plugin or overlay in Revit if programming it in is too hard.

Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Annotation Tools

Submitted By: philrich on 08/05/2021