Summary: Apply Scale Factor to GIS or other Data Connection using Map Workspace Connect to data AND Connector for ArcGIS AND Geolocation Aerial Maps

Description: Add a Wizard / option box when connecting to data to Apply a Scale Factor to GIS or other Data Connection. This should be applied to all instances where CAD can "Connect" to data using the Map Workspace Connect to Data, AND the new Connector for ArcGIS AND the Geolocation Aerial Maps. These features are great if the project is in GRID Coordinates , but when in GROUND / SURVEY Coordinates these features become useless and more static methods must be applied , such as MAPIMPORT. There is a time and a place for MAPIMPORT, and the need for the ability to apply a scale factor to GIS or other connected data is very valuable and needed for better daily workflows.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Map 3D

Submitted By: courtney.f.roe on 08/14/2021