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Thread: Swap a surface in a .tin volume surface

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    Summary: Be able to swap an existing or proposed surface within a .tin volume surface

    Description: Ever have a .tin volume surface built, using an existing topo surface and proposed design surface, then later on get an updated topo and need to rerun the volumes. Currently you have to delete the entire .tin volume surface and build a new one. It would be so much easier and time effective to have the ability to swap a base surface and comparison surface within the .tin volume surface. This would be especially helpful for those that do monthly volume takeoffs.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Surface Modeling

    Submitted By: jleidy44 on 10/06/2021

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    Default Re: Swap a surface in a .tin volume surface

    This can already be done, using the MANAGEDATASHORTCUTS Command.

    Just have your Base, Comparison, and Volume Surfaces in their own drawings, and DREF the Base & Comparison Surfaces into your Volume Surface drawing.

    Then use MANAGEDATASHORTCUTS Command to change the DREF source for your Base Surface (EG) to your newer drawing's DREF (EG2), and rebuild your Volume Surface.

    You can actually 'see' this work if your Volume Surface has 'Rebuild - Automatic' enabled, and you have Volumes Dashboard open.

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