Hi all,

Thought i should do a short introduction here. My name is Eng Chu, i’m currently working under Singapore Land Authority as a Senior Land Survey Executive. Still relatively new to the field of IFC, i’m currently in the midst of doing studying and research on aspects of exporting.

So that leads to my question here which crosses over to Revit. As i was creating shared parameter txt file for different instance parameters to assign into my project file, i’m not quite sure if it should be grouped under “IFC Parameters”. Should it be grouped under that if i’m going to export through the “IfcExportAs” method? Or whichever export method i’m using, be it through the IFC exporter mapping settings or through the Autodesk Classification Manager, i’d have to classify the project parameters under “IFC Parameters”? Example image below shows the setup.


Appreciate anyone's assistance. Thank you.