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Thread: Where are the page setups i make in the plot dialog

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    Default Where are the page setups i make in the plot dialog

    I can only add page configurations in the plot diaolg box

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    Default Re: Where are the page setups i make in the plot dialog

    See duplicate thread

    Have you tried the PAGESETUP command?

    I use macros to import layouts from a template file along with Page Setups for both plotting and outputting to PDF using Lee Mac's Steal from Drawing lisp.
    ^C^C^P(DelPageSetup "11×17*")(Steal (strcat (vl-filename-directory (getenv "QnewTemplate")) (chr 92) "AutoCAD Template" (chr 92) "Templates.dwt") (list (list "Page Setups" (list "11×17" "11×17 PDF"))(list "Layouts" (list "11×17"))))
    Lots of ways to do this.

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