Hi all,

Some context. Im a final year product design student. In previous years i have scraped by with my ageing albeit relatively powerful laptop (8gb ram, dedicated graphics, ssd etc) and using the computers at uni for more intense stuff.

Unfortunately my laptop is dying a death really, it cant even cope with watching hd videos sometimes despite a brand new SSD and clean install about 18 months ago. The option of using the computers at uni is also now limited, pre-book only, specific time slots etc which doesnt really work when some renders can take half a day to complete.

My project this year especially is heavily dependent on CAD modelling (for covid and project specific reasons) so i realistically need to buy something powerful to get through the next 8 months or so of heavy modelling and rendering (solidworks and keyshot mostly for ref)

Im no expert, i do already have a monitor keyboard and mouse. If i was to buy a reasonably specced pc for say around £500, what would i expect to lose selling it on in a year? Would i even get something powerful enough for that money?