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Thread: DWG Convert Inhancement

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    Summary: Extra function for DWG Convert command

    Description: Extra function to be added to DWG Convert command that would allow to select and run any customised script or lisp program on a number of DWG files.
    I always use DWG Convert command to xref-bind multiple drawings using modified Standard conversion setup and selecting "Bind Xref" option.
    The additional "Run Script or Lisp" option would add much more power to the DWG Convert command. It would also be more powerful than any of the exisitng multi-batch script or lisp processors currently available from third party developers.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD - DWG

    Submitted By: Eugene K on 10/19/2021

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    I'm not sure how the "more powerful" this would be from the current "multi-batch script or lisp processors" other than centralizing that option. However, I could see this as a benefit.
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