Summary: Allow the ability to pick and choose which proxies to remove from a drawing.

Description: There is a huge issue with corrupting proxies in AutoCAD files. It's largely hidden, many people don't realize they have this issue. These corrupting proxies infect clean drawings like a virus. They enter through xref connections, block insertion, and even through an instance of AutoCAD (I have witnessed corrupting proxies jumping into a clean drawing after a corrupted file was opened, closed, and then the clean drawing was opened and saved).

These corrupting proxies are not tied to any object in the drawing. They cause common commands to misfire (xrefs won't detach, copy doesn't work, etc), and are frequently the cause of AutoCAD crashing even though many people might not realize it and attribute it to it being a "complicated, big file".

The biggest issue is that the only way to remove corrupting proxies is to run AECTOACAD. However, this also rips out good proxies, like Civil 3D proxies, and can render a Civil 3D drawing useless. As a result, Civil 3D users cannot clean their files of bad proxies and the issue gets spread around and gets worse and worse each year as these proxies accumulate in template files and shared xref files.

Make a command like PURGE, or add to the existing PURGE tools, to view the full list of loaded proxies and selectively purge them out. Show proxies that can't be purged because they're tied to actual objects in the drawing (eg - Civil 3D objects). Allow the ability to purge out all unused proxies so a Civil 3D drawing can be properly cleaned of corrupting proxies.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD - Other

Submitted By: amanda749004 on 10/26/2021