Summary: A few things need to work better when blocks are used inside a multileader: ATTSYNC, asymmetric blocks, and updating the block geometry.

Description: Need better block updating controls when the block is inside a multileader.

- ATTSYNC and BATTMAN have trouble updating attributes when the attribute is inside a block inside a mleader. Make them work on Mleaders.

- Allow an asymmetric block inside a mleader. Maybe this involves allowing a flip dynamic trigger inside a block to flip with a mleader, or maybe it allows assigning a Left and Right block option that an mleader would automatically change between when flipping to the left or right. Whatever is easier, but only allowing a symmetrical block inside a mleader is too restrictive.

- Also an issue updating a block's reference. The multileader's horizontal leader line stops at a vertical line in the block. If you don't want a framed callout, this means that you need a nonplot vertical tick in the block to stop the multileaders' leader, otherwise it will try to connect to the insertion point of the block. Moving the vertical line in the block in BEDIT (either a frame or tick) doesn't fix leaders already placed. REGEN should fix this.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD - Blocks

Submitted By: amanda749004 on 10/28/2021