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Thread: Linked Sheet List Issue

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    Default Linked Sheet List Issue

    Have an architectural model that has a number of lined models. The sheet list schedule on the cover sheet includes sheets from the linked models. The issue is that the sheets from the structural model are duplicated. All else is fine. Anyone run into that issue before??


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    How many instances of the structural model do you have placed in your project? I have seen a doubling of the sheets in a link on projects where someone added two instances (without meaning to do so - they were coincidental, so it looked like there was only one). The easiest way to check that is in the Project Browser. Expand the Revit Links node (near the bottom) and find the structural link. Right click on it and choose Select All Instances > In Entire Project. The look in one of two places - the lower right corner of the Revit window, next to the Filter tool (Funnel icon) or on the Properties panel, to the left of the Edit Type button, where it shows the object type selected. See a "2" in either place? If so, that is the problem; now you just have to find them and get rid of the one you do not need.

    Another way to check is to open the Visibility/Graphics dialog for a plan view, and select the Revit Links tab. Find the structural link in the list of links, and expand that node to show the instance(s) below. If you have two instances listed, then that is the problem and getting rid of one is the solution.

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