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Thread: Profile when opening AutoCAD 2022

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    Default Profile when opening AutoCAD 2022

    I know that if you open the software using a shortcut on the desktop, you can go into the properties of that shortcut and specify which profile it uses when it opens. But what if you are navigating in windows file explorer and just double click a drawing to open the software. How does it know which profile to use when it opens?

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    Default Re: Profile when opening AutoCAD 2022

    Technically it doesn't, just uses previously used (if saved to Registry before fatal crash, etc), which is why most 'best practices' give a finger wag and say not to do that.

    You can however 'push' which version & profile is used via LISP or IT can do so via GPO:

    If done via LISP, user simply starts CAD first, then subsequent Windows Explorer double clicked DWGs can be opened in that specific version from then on. This is useful if you support projects in multiple versions, or if simply using client-specific profiles, as you can quit that version/project, and launch another version that will then update this setting in Registry so subsequent double clicked DWGs now open in _that_ version, using _that_ profile, etc.

    If done via GPO, it's effectively a one-off, everyone (under that GPO scope) uses the exact same version and profile all the time... So, be sure to use the right tool for the right job.

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    Default Re: Profile when opening AutoCAD 2022

    By default, dwg files are set to open with aclauncher.exe. It uses the last used configuration (vertical app and profile) to open dwg files.
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