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Thread: Place Annotative Mtext

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    Question Place Annotative Mtext

    I'm recreating a DCL menu to VBA and I need help with the VBA coding.

    The menu has a list of door sizes that I would like to place in model space using the annotative scale for the text height, place middle center justified, user input for rotation & with a background mask.

    (bonus: place on the correct layer by check layer list for two different groups of layers (i.e.. groups A & B if layer group A is being used place on layer A-door-size, if group B is used then put on B-door-size))

    Every example I find starts with:
    Dim MTextObj As AcadMText
    Dim corner(0 To 2) As Double
    Dim width As Double
    Dim text As String

    I was able to get a start on this.

    What I have so far is as follows:
    Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() '1068
    Dim MTextObject As AcadMText
    Dim P(0 To 2) As Double
    Dim Width As Double
    Dim Text As String
    Dim newlayer As AcadLayer

    Set newlayer = ThisDrawing.Layers.Add("A-Unit-Door-Size")
    ThisDrawing.ActiveLayer = newlayer
    P(0) = 0: P(1) = 0: P(2) = 0
    Width = 5
    Text = "1068"
    Set MTextObject = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddMText _
    (P, Width, Text)
    MTextObject.AttachmentPoint = acAttachmentPointMiddleCenter

    End Sub

    I'm attaching my menu, if someone could help with one button, I can figure out the rest.

    Thank you all in advance!
    Matt Hannan
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