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Thread: Tool Palette Images for Multi-view Blocks

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    Default Tool Palette Images for Multi-view Blocks

    I'm having to recreate tool palettes of multi-view blocks. I created the original tool palettes on AutoCAD Architecture 2010. But now I'm on 2022. The new software imported everything fine. But because of network issues (which I won't get into here), the paths to my tools no longer work.

    I create a new tool palette and drag and drop the multi-view blocks onto the palettes. But no image shows up for the tool icon.

    After messing around with this **** for a good hour, by happenstance, I realized that if I drag and drop a multi-view block that has a 3d model defined in it, an image is created for the tool using that block. But on my original tool palettes (2010), when I dragged and dropped a mv block onto it, it generated an icon using the plan view of the block. So if any of my blocks do NOT have a 3d model, then no icon is being generated. Most of my new mv blocks do not have 3d models. So I've got to figure out a fix.

    My question is this: what determines that? Is there some setting that specifies what it uses to create the icon/image?
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