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Thread: Tool Palette Images for Multi-view Blocks

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    Default Tool Palette Images for Multi-view Blocks

    I'm having to recreate tool palettes of multi-view blocks. I created the original tool palettes on AutoCAD Architecture 2010. But now I'm on 2022. The new software imported everything fine. But because of network issues (which I won't get into here), the paths to my tools no longer work.

    I create a new tool palette and drag and drop the multi-view blocks onto the palettes. But no image shows up for the tool icon.

    After messing around with this **** for a good hour, by happenstance, I realized that if I drag and drop a multi-view block that has a 3d model defined in it, an image is created for the tool using that block. But on my original tool palettes (2010), when I dragged and dropped a mv block onto it, it generated an icon using the plan view of the block. So if any of my blocks do NOT have a 3d model, then no icon is being generated. Most of my new mv blocks do not have 3d models. So I've got to figure out a fix.

    My question is this: what determines that? Is there some setting that specifies what it uses to create the icon/image?
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    Default Re: Tool Palette Images for Multi-view Blocks

    One way to make it any image you want it to right click on the tool and select Specify Image.... You can also create tools by dragging blocks from Design Center. Perhaps the block preview there will be more to your liking.
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