Hello and thank you for your help. I am working on recreating my firms door schedule and am running into a bit of an issue in Revit 2020. It is our firms standard to place the text “PR” in the same cell as the width for double doors (EX: a 6’0” double door would have the cell read “3’-0” PR”). Currently, the width is a text parameter that we just type in the width of the door plus “PR” but has lead to issues in the past.

My goal is to have the door schedule update the width automatically and add “PR” to doors wider than 5’. I believe that the best way to do this would be to use Calculated Parameters. I was able to figure out 2 separate calculated parameters, one for the doors width to be divided by 2 and one for the text “PR” but they are in different columns. Is there a way to use the term “AND” in a calculated parameter to show door width and PR? If not, do you have other suggestions to achieve this goal without the cell being a text parameter?

These are the two calucated parameters that I was able to get to work and that I would ultimately like to combine:
Divide door width by 2 if door is wider than 5’-0”: if(Width > 5', Width / 2, Width)
If door is wider than 5’-0”, the cell fills with “PR” or “Single”: if(Width > 5', "PR", "SINGLE")