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Thread: Convert to Surf and Imprint problems

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    Default Convert to Surf and Imprint problems

    Cannot get this closed PLine to convert to surface, or imprint.
    What am i doing wrong?
    i need to get this to a solid so I can mesh and sculpt.
    Thank you in advance
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    Default Re: Convert to Surf and Imprint problems

    I hope I can attached a dwg to this. I found the area that is the problem. One small area that you need to redo. Notes are in dwg with some explanation and suggestions. Hope you still need this. I don't see an icon to attach file. I tried drag & drop don't know if it worked. Ridiculous there is no icon to attach a fixed dwg. I see one for an image but need to actually attach a dwg file someone can use. PHOOEY!Spline2Polyline2SolidFixed.jpg If you don't see the dwg and still need it send an email to

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