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Thread: action macro won't play a different macro from the pulldown list

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    Question action macro won't play a different macro from the pulldown list

    I made a few simple Action Macros to automate some steps. I can’t figure out why my Action macros are not fulling loading.
    I see them in my list when I have a drawing open but when I go to change the macro I want to use, my drawing seems unable to find the desired macro and runs the default listed macro instead.
    I don’t see any issues with my file paths in the options. I open the folder and I see my .actm files.
    The weird part is, I can override this flaw by switching workspaces.
    If I switch to any workspace and then go back to mine I can get the pulldown menu to accept my choice action. But I have to do the switching between each macro I want to run.
    Please let me know if you need any clarifying information.
    I am aware of lisp routines and such but I have no idea how to create them so I am stuck with action macro for now.
    Does anyone know or have suggestions on something that might be causing this problem for the action macros?


    I'm trying to add a screencast I made of the issue. If you can't play it I could also use some tips on how to load a screencast from autodesk
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