Hi all
Im sure that this has been dealt with ad infinitum on this forum but any help will be appreciated.

My story
We create plans for builders to carry out refurbishments and additions.
We have so much work that are outsourcing the work.

What we want to do is to be able to send out a project to a third party and have them complete the project and send it back to us.
We create all our projects with project navigator, constructs, views, sheet sets.
We etransmit the project from the project browser so that all the relevant files are sent, along with the APJ file and DST file to control the project.
This is sent as a zip file, when the third party receives the file he is asked to unzip the file and extract the files to the folder in the project browser so that the file structure is maintained. He then completes the project and etransmits the finished project along with the sheet sets to us,
we then unzip the file and extract the files to the folder in the project browser and we should be able to open the sheet sets and print them out or if required make changes to the project and print them out
for some reason this does not work.
When we extract the files, at best the sheet sets don't work and the view ports are missing. we just create a new sheet set using the pdfs as a template and the ne reprint them but this takes time renaming and re assigning the view ports.
at worst the xref's don't work and we can do nothing (the xref path is set to relative). then we have to recreate the views and copy and past the text and dimensions over then create new model space view and then create new sheet sets
again wasting time we don't have.
we have contacted autodesk help and they have tried. We did get it to work once but only once, we have tried to duplicate the process with the file that worked but it wouldn't work the second time.

does any one have any ideas?
or any better way to have third parties work with us on our projects