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Thread: Colorblind palette

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    Default Colorblind palette

    All right, here's a fun one.

    We have some figures set up on an aerial background, (beach side roads repairs /restoration in FL panhandle). For visual emphasis in the presentations, we're using spot color to indicate what sections of road get what type of treatment. The client has come back and requested a 'color blind safe' palette. This is sorta out of left field, but has anyone dealt with a similar situation?

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    Default Re: Colorblind palette

    That's a tough one. My brother is cb and not everyone is blind to the same colors. So to use such a palette, you would need to know what colors are acceptable I would think. I found this on the net though.
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    Default Re: Colorblind palette

    Here is a website from my bookmarks that I used while doing a website for a non-profit. This should get you started.

    Never depend on color only if possible. There are hundreds of others out there but most are trying to sell you something. The below is trying to sell something but they give great examples of combining color with hatching and/or shapes.

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    Default Re: Colorblind palette

    I'm color blind, for me colors can change colors depending upon the amount of daylight and its intensity.
    It wouldn't be strange to see grass as orange in a morning (low light level ) then Green in the afternoon (bright light)
    Also when a car is travelling towards me, it will not have a color, its either dark or light. As it approaches it pops into color, then as it disappears it looses color again.

    There are many types of color blindness's!

    For me I associate more with shapes or symbols, rather than color.
    So when I do similar work to what you are trying to achieve when drafting, I use different hatch patterns (where an ISO, ANSI etc is not required)
    Stars, Squares (Net) Triangles etc.

    Hope that helps?

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