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Thread: 3D UCS & Background Color Settings

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    Default 3D UCS & Background Color Settings

    Hello folks,

    All my 2d color settings have been fine for many years now.

    However, I seem to be having some issues with setting the colors to my 3D work. Sometimes, the background would be all black as I would like, in simple object creation scenarios, and sometimes, it would be as in the attached files. I would like to have all black.

    Also, my UCS / Cube views always seem to be off, not a direct views as down the 'Z' axis. I would like to have the view straight down from the top to the bottom. The UCS views seem to be ok in Paper Space, through a Viewport. I am adding an image and the AutoCAD (2021) file for more explanation, in case my English here is not clear enough.

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    Default Re: 3D UCS & Background Color Settings

    Enter DVIEW in the command line, select "Off"

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