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Thread: rotate function in lisp not working, but worked in older version

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    Default Re: rotate function in lisp not working, but worked in older version

    So the previous routine allowed me to type in the block name, we have a block for each scale that we use. i guess i could make 1 block and make it annotative though to solve this and then use just that.

    It kind of works... the ucs has to be set to world, and we typically have a user set UCS for sheet orientation and when i have a ucs other than world set it inserts the block at some weird unpredictable location on the polyline. this tended to be a problem on the old one as well.

    is there a way it can respect the current ucs?
    it'd also help if we could pick the second point on the line for orientation of the block because it seems the block is inserted based on the direction of the polyline. if we pick the 2nd point it could also avoid having to worry about the ucs?

    i suppose there is probably some way for the code to recognize the current ucs and that might fix all of it or you could let us pick a second point? not sure whichever is easier

    linesmerge doesn't acknowledge background masks, it plots them as block boxes... has been a problem since autodesk created them.
    you can use linesmerge and wipeouts to ensure grays are sorted correctly, or use linesoverwrite and either put all the grays in an xref that it is plotted last, or don't use gray (or color)
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