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Thread: how to make sweep parametric

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    Question how to make sweep parametric

    Hi guys,

    Please look at the screenshot.
    I am trying to lock the sweep profile to the RP's in the family.
    However, it gives errors all the way.. Like constrains are not satisfied etc...

    Why I try this:
    When it is not locked and when I flex, the sketch profile fall apart. The shape dies.
    Therefore I try to lock ik to RP, so I can fix the shape of the profile and move it as a whole with the RP I locked at it.

    How is this possible? I thought that this was a small request and should be easy to make?

    Does anyone have done this before?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Default Re: how to make sweep parametric

    right now you just have your profile lines locked to the created RPs within the profile sketch. you need to either set the sweeps host to the RP in the family or depending what view you created the sweep in you need to align and lock the sweep path to that reference plane.

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