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    Howdy brains trust,
    I am creating an new title block and need a little bit of help.
    I have created a checkbox with a visibility parameter for each discipline used by our company (spread out for vis but is nested). This works fine, however after putting it out for general comment to the company it was decided that the discipline should also be added to the sheet list schedule.
    Here is my problem and I am probably overthinking it, how can I get the checkbox to populate discipline parameter and in turn the title block eg. if Architecture is checked then the 'A' would populate Discipline parameter and in turn the drawing sheet and the same for other disciplines.
    By using the discipline parameter in lieu of the visibility I can then insert it into the schedule formula killing 2 birds with 1 stone.
    I have attached a couple of pics to try and explain what I am trying to achieve

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    Default Re: Sheet Discipline

    I have partially solved my own problem in the first instance the formula was:

    if(Architectural, "A", if(Electrical, "E", if(Mechanical, "M", if(Structural, "S", "0"))))
    Screenshot 2022-09-14 082023.jpg

    I have loaded the Project parameter into the job and checked almost everything I can think of but it is not working any ideas?

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