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Thread: Xref reload loses color

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    Default Xref reload loses color

    In Drawing B, I attach Drawing A - A fairly complex site plan which contains several attached xrefs. After working in Drawing B for awhile, I switch to drawing A and make a couple of changes. Returning to Drawing B I follow the prompt to reload Drawing A. All the colors in the xref'd Drawing A turn to white. Regen and audit don't fix it. I am using AutoCAD Architecture 2023 and saving to version 2018.

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    Default Re: Xref reload loses color

    Maybe you know this but I'll suggest it anyway,
    do you have "visretain" set to 1 in drawing B? (this locks in the layer properties from xrefs if you have modified them within the drawings the xrefs are in).
    Other then that, I have no idea..
    ..unless maybe you are in a layout with the "display plot styles" checked off within the page setup?

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    Default Re: Xref reload loses color

    Maybe you could try this. Rather than setting VISRETAIN to 0 and reloading the xref, you can right click on an xref layer in the Layer Properties Manager and select the options in the picture below. If you want to update all layer colors, just select All Layers instead.
    xref layer properties.png
    C:> ED WORKING....

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