I have never seen this issue before. Usually this command works very well. I was using the "create feature line from an alignment" command and selected my alignment and the associated profile to go with it. This creates an "Auto Feature Line" that follows the alignment and has elevation points along the feature line from the profile info.
However in this particular drawing all I get is the profile end points (at the correct elevations) but no other elevation points. This profile has several grade breaks and 2 vertical curves. It's like the command is not sampling the profile line at any points other than the end points. This has never happened before. In fact, usually the command often gives me too many intermediate points, and I sometimes have to weed them out. I currently have the weeding turned off in the command.
I have run the Audit command and yes there were some errors but it says they were fixed. I have tried redrawing everything (alignment, profile, etc) and placing them in a new site, thinking it was a site issue, but get the same result. It just seems like a setting is off somewhere...but where...
What controls how often the profile data is sampled along it?